Specialty Crops for Pacific Island Agroforestry

Coffee is an example of a high value crop that can be processed on small family farms and sold in a wide variety of value-added markets such as regionally grown (Kona, Ka'u, etc.), organic, bird friendly, fair trade, and so on.

Specialty crops provide a rapidly growing economic opportunity for farmers and gardeners who are interested in diversifying their crops and who are willing to innovate their production methods, postharvest processing, and marketing. This project promotes high quality food, fiber, and healthcare crops grown in diverse agroforestry systems to provide family farms both subsistence and commercial opportunities.

Farm and Forest Production and Marketing (FFPM) profiles for 32 crops detail essential information for crop development: horticulture and botany; the roles for each crop in mixed-species agroforestry; nutrition and food security; commercial products, product quality standards; location and size of markets; post-harvest processing; opportunities for local value-added processing; and the potential for genetic improvement. The completed FFPM profiles are available for download in PDF format.

The project supports:

  • integrating trees and crops (agroforestry)
  • commercial and non-commercial plantings of all sizes, including homegardens
  • small-scale commercial operations suitable for small lots
  • local food production for happier and healthier communities
  • traditional crops
  • community food self-reliance.

Project outcomes include increased adoption of specialty crops, micro-enterprise development, local food production, and sustainable multi-crop agroforestry systems, thereby supporting economic and ecological viability of our communities.

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